More Wild AFM Roadracing 
From Sears Point Raceway !!
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California's Giant Redwoods !!

These trees are

"Out of the Box !"

Craig Laws

Michael Earnest

Mike Raab

Kalib Bernard

David Nissen Leads

Rob Mesa

46 Expert

Gabriel Etshoken

Gregg Betz

Paul Wintermute

Dale Humphrey

Paul Yoshimune

Aaron Brownlee

Brian Long

Derek Branstrom Leads

John Rabasa

Norbert Katona

Norbert Katona

Tony Truong

875 Novice

Northern California's 
Giant Redwood Forest !!
I've always heard of redwoods, and never gave it a second thought. Big trees, so what right ??? Well, it turns out that these trees are no joke !!!!! This is one of the most fascinating sights on the planet.

"The Avenue of the Giants" is a park road that runs along Hwy 101 about 4 hours north of San Francisco. It features about 15 different hiking areas through one of the most surreal places I've seen in a long time. You just have to see it for yourself !!

There's no way to really describe the sheer awe of seeing something so "Gigormous". There's something almost "Jurassic Park " about them... it's almost spooky !! But at the same time, seeing the redwoods really makes you want to "
Go For It" in life !

Hopefully these pics will make you want to see them for yourself someday !!  

WOW !!
Redwoods can grow to a height of 360 feet, and live to over 2,300 years old !!

The little dot at the bottom of the pic ?? 

That's me standing on my tip-toes.

Redwood Sun

Twisty Ocean Road
(Oooops, this road was so fun, that I wrecked the brakes on the rental car)

If a tree falls in the forest,
and no one's there to 
hear it fall ... 
... does it make a sound ??

This One Did !!

This tree was alive in the time of Socrates --
400 BC !!

And you can actually drive a car through it !

The bark is resistant to fire, and the trees make a tannin that's a very effective pesticide.

These trees aren't a little bigger than other trees, they're a LOT bigger.

A few little advantages add up  ... to a LOT !!

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Who Are These Racers ???
I've had many requests for 'outside' photos to better show off sponsors' logos. The layout at Sears Point allowed for some really nice outside pix... the problem is the numbers disappear...

Can you help identify these riders ???  Please E-mail MotoMan at:

# 1

Paul Wood 

Victor Riley

Kim Nakashima

Saul Jacobs

# 6

# 7

Kelly Winkelbauer (Red Bike)

# 9

Ed Milhausen

# 11

# 12

# 13

# 14

Saul Jacobs

Michael Ernest leads Jeff Tigert

# 17

# 18

Kenan Rappuchi

# 20

# 21

# 22

# 23

John Turmell

Chris Keane,?,? & Sean Case !

# 26

# 27

# 28

The Crash !!

This crash happened as the riders were entering turn 11 on the brakes.

That's Jeff Koch sliding off to the left ...

Evidence !!
You can see why Jeff crashed ...

The tire marks on the fork tube caused by contact with the other rider's back wheel.

Luckily no one was seriously hurt !!

More Sears Point AFM Roadracing !!
There's More Wild Roadracin' Pics On The Next Pages !!!
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