AFM Roadracing at Sears Point !!

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A-N-D Motorcycles !

Local California Entrepreneur

Timojhen Mark

Zoran Vujasinovic

Paul Somerville

John Prelock

David Nissen

Lynn Werth

Ken Hill

Dan Perea

Mike Sampognaro Jr.

Mike Sampognaro Jr.

Chris Beer

Chris Beer

Rob Mesa

David Crone (731)
Michael Neal (443)

442 and 859 Expert

Bernard Juchli

Michael Flores

Tanit Heng

Mark Stone

Mark Stone

A New American Motorcycle Company !!
Julian Farnam's innovative frame and front suspension designs are attracting attention. The Livermore California company makes frame kits, wheels and a really wild "forkless" front end. Mototune USA is all about radical innovation, and A-N-D is definitely "Thinking Out of The Box" !!

Top AFM twins racer Zoran
Vujasinovic is riding and developing the Kawasaki Ex 500 A-N-D. His second place finish in the 500 twins race proves that A-N-D frame designs aren't just good looking, they work on the racetrack as well.     

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Zoran Vujasinovic rode an EX 500 powered 
A-N-D to 2nd place in
500 twins.

A-N-D Motorcycle's Julian Farnam 
With 2 of His Creations !! 
The forkless bike on the left is powered by a Yamaha RZ 350 engine, while the one on the right is the Ex500 powered machine.

The A-N-D Recon !!
With knobby tires ... wow, I love this scooter !!! 
The ultimate pit bike ...
and a real "chick magnet" too !!


Marko Hrga

Marko Hrga

Jove Shapiro

Doug Pitcock

Jerri Grindle

Edward Milhausen

Edward Milhausen

Lisa Mazurkiewicz

Richard Slejmar (66)
Jeff Hagen (47)

Robert Clifford (682)
Darren Slawecki (678)

Wild 1st lap action ... Dan Kimble (689) & Paul Somerville (311) fight for the lead and push each other deep into the turn !!

Dan Kimble

France Atelme

John Davis

Jeraldeen Stewart

Jeraldeen Stewart

Allan Bueno

David Crone

Mike Barentson

Mike Barentson

Who Are These Racers ???
Can you help identify these riders ???  Please E-mail MotoMan at:

# 37

# 38

# 39

# 40

# 41

Brian Brown

# 43

Saul Jacobs

# 45

# 46

James King

Stephan Martin

More Sears Point AFM Roadracing !!
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