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AFM Roadracing @ 
Sears Point Raceway !!

Hi Mototune USA Fans !!

I just got back from another Wild World of Roadracing trip to Sunny Northern California !!

Mickey Lane leads
Garry Combs

Superbike High School

Giant California
Redwoods !!

The Wild Sears Point
" Mascot "

The roadracing scene in Northern California has to be seen to be believed !! There are more racers here than any club I've visited. The Sears Point track is built into a series of hills which makes for some interesting elevation changes. The track also features a downhill carousel turn where you can actually see some of the older bikes' front wheels "chattering" as the riders push their bikes' beyond the limit !!

The trip started with a flight to San Francisco. The next day we drove 5 hours north to Fortuna California, to stay with Suzie McCray, the webmaster and computer teacher from McKinleyville High School.

The day after, we followed Suzie on her EX500 to McKinleyville High, where I gave a Power News seminar on high velocity intake porting secrets to Mr. Dave Backman's auto shop classes !!

Superbike High School !!
The #1 goal of Mototune USA is to bring the sport of Motorcycle Roadracing into the mainstream !!  At Northern California's McKinleyville High School, I'm helping auto shop teacher Mr. Dave Backman to teach cutting edge Superbike Engine Technology to his students !!

Dave Backman,
MotoMan, JD Grow

Power News reader and AFM racer JD Grow told his former high auto shop teacher about Power News. Dave liked it so much that I was invited to do a seminar for his class !!


Superbike Engine Technology 
in The Classroom !

Back To School

MotoMan Meets Dave ... ooops, I mean ...
Mr. Backman !!

Power News TV
Mr. Backman made a video set-up that allows close up work to be seen by the entire class.

Here, the students are glued to the TV screen as they learn to make intake ports smaller !!

The Box

Learning to Think Out of The Box

McKinleyville High School's auto class ROCKS !!

Smaller Intake Ports ???
That's right !!!   Mr. Backman and I are working to bring this little known motorcycle design and horsepower technology to high school students worldwide with Mototune USA's Power News!! 

If you're a high school or tech college auto shop teacher, or if you know someone who is, please sign up for Power News for your school !! I guarantee the students will love it, and it's a great way to get some new energy going in the classroom discussions !!

The high school version contains
the same "beyond the cutting edge" performance information as the regular Power News, just without the Budweiser ads and external links.  Contact me (MotoMan) for more information: mototune@go.com

The Racers !!

Steven Engelbrecht

Kenneth Gomes

Jeremiah Johnson

Mike Raab

James Randolph

Robert Connell

Dave Stanton

Denise Howard

359 Novice 
leads 879 Expert

John Coleman

Rich Thorwaldson

Joe Gustin

James Lickwar

Jove Shapiro (57)
Aaron Abreu (641)

609 Novice

706 Novice

842 Novice 
leads 773 Novice  

Bryan Londo

Jason Harmon

169 Expert

Are You Getting Fired Up To Ride Fast ... ???
You don't have to be a racer to try out the track !!!

Click Here For More Info:

I'm convinced that the entire stock of Kawasaki EX 250's left in the world is concentrated in Northern California !! There's a huge class just for the little bikes, and the racing is great. 
Seeing these bikes get ridden to the max was really cool. 

Of course, the paint jobs get pretty wild after 10 years of racing them... check out 
Charles Statman's Holstein Cow EX 250 !!

 Robert Campbell
Jeff Tigert

Ginny Cutler

Ed Barlow

Dave Stanton

James Randolph

William Morton

Steven Engelbrecht

Steven Engelbrecht

Michael Aron

Michael Diadiw

Charles Statman

David Crussel

Joe Carrillo

Gary Jaehne

169 Expert Passes
792 Novice

Sean Case  

Sean Case

Kenneth Gomes

Mickey Lane

August Weber

More Sears Point AFM Roadracing !!
There's Lots More Wild Roadracin' Pics On The Next Pages !!!
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