AFM Roadracing at Sears Point Raceway !
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Wild Photos !!

Gordon Johnson

Michael Ellsworth

570 Expert

Terry Cheney

Edward Milhausen

France Atelme

Brian Long

Jason Duggin

Jim Lucas

766 Expert

Dan Svegliato

Robert Kennedy

Brian Swanson

Peter O'Sullivan

Peter O'Sullivan

148 and 866

Wild Photos !!

Plasticized !

Dotted Rain !

Warpage !

Melting !

Hairy Bike !

Watch The Colors Change !!

California Vineyards

Neon Racers !

More Racin'

Bernard Juchli

46 Expert

Dave Moss

Greg Gibson

162 Expert

Jason Butler

169 Expert

Jose Quintanar

Jose Quintanar

Christine Demas

Gregg Betz (483)
Jose Arrazola (994)

Timothy Wheeler

Don Dahl

Yoav Damti

David Nissen

Chris Siglin

Chris Siglin

46 Expert
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Dale Olstinske

Kim Nakashima

Stop The Presses !!

I'm always scanning racebikes for non-bike related sponsors ! That's where the future of roadracing is, and it's the commitment of Mototune USA to break the sport into the mainstream. And ladies and gentlemen... it's all about the internet !!!

If you're tired of roadracing "sponsorships" being limited to the occasional free set of brake pads, or "dealer cost plus 10%" (whatever that means) on oil filters, then you can understand where I'm coming from.

One of the easiest ways to get "sponsored" from outside the M/C industry is if you're self employed, or are really proud of the company you work for, that company logo should definitely be prominently displayed on your bike !! 

Especially if it contains an internet address !!!

Why ?? Because a good website brings a product or service ALIVE !!

EX 250 Racer Yoav Damti
Look at the photo ... Yoav is on the side of the bike !!

Yoav Damti

What is Yoav Collections ??

"Aromatherapy has been used for centuries in a variety of ways to promote both physical and mental health by utilizing essential oils extracted from aromatic plants.

        Yoav Collections offers nine blends of aromatherapy oils, available in eleven different size candles, votives and in 1/2 oz. oils. Our designs are unique and authentic and our colors and textures are specially formulated. The exceptional beauty of our candles is further enhanced by the fragrance it imparts."

The next time you're looking for a gift for someone special .... instead of buying something from a shopping mall, why not 
actually support a racing sponsor ?? 

It certainly will disprove the old myth that advertising on racebikes 
doesn't work, won't it ??

Visit Yoav's site and start the ball rolling:

(I ordered "Romance" candles for my wife !!

Think about the stickers on your bike, and how they're displayed.
You never know who is going  to see them !!

Hey Guys:
Girls Love Gifts Like This !

"Deep Meditation"

More Sears Point AFM Roadracing !!
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