Havin' A 160 MPH Blast !!

 Michael Brennan of Palmyra, Wisconsin
At 140 MPH he tucks in, shifts into 6th and accelerates up to 160 MPH + by the end of Road America's super long front straight !

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All Pro Motor Sports, Michelin, Spectro Oils, Factory Professional Tuning Components.

.Nice lookin' bike ... Mike !!


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Road America Factoid
 4 Miles of Fun...
 It's The Longest Racetrack in North America! 

Mototune's Darin Sewell, of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
 " I'm freakin' out dude...this is my first roadrace ever ! "

      Jon Clements' Turn 5 Crash !! 

What's that  blue stuff in the back of Don Dechant's trailer ??

Roger Hendricks waits for the warm up lap.

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