Jon Clements lies unconscious as a corner worker calls for the flight for life.

Jon Clements Describes 
"The Crash"

According to a buddy of mine, Garth Cloyd, who saw the
whole thing happen, I was T-boned at the apex of turn 5
by the 'in way too deep' rider that is in the photo
walking back to his bike. I was knocked unconscious and
airlifted to a hospital in Milwaukee to be diagnosed
with a concussion. Added note: according to the EMT's, I
was the first person airlifted out of there that year,
not surprising though since it was the first motorcycle
race there of the year.

I noticed some other photos of me
on your site, thanks ! 
Great web site !

-Jon Clements
CCS #128 (Midwest region)
AMA #281 (750 SS, F-Extreme)

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