Shannonville, Ontario

Wow !! Mototune USA's "Wild World of Roadracing" finally got out of the USA and made it to another country. Canada Rocks !! The people were super friendly, the weather was great and the Shannonville track was full of twisty cool turns to watch the races from. 

Roadracing is alive and well up in Canada... the grids were full and the fans overflowed the grandstands, and lined every possible section of fence. The featured Pro Superbike class is different than in the USA; 1000 cc bikes are allowed ... they just have to meet a 150 hp limit. Open class bikes were common, with most having to be de - tuned to meet the limit. Also there were plenty of 125's which I haven't seen in a while. The Can-Am challenge added some international flavor to the 125 event, with the win going to the local favorite Matthew Binns.   

Some of the things that make Motorcycle roadracing so exciting are the different riding styles and the wild paint jobs on the bikes. It's also interesting to see some of the sponsors these guys have ! John Brundl's "Metal Man" paint & leathers rock... plus John got the job done by winning the Amateur Formula and Open Sportbike races !! The man with the wildest style?? No doubt... it's: Darryn Wilbur ! The "cool colors" pic in this series is Frank Trombino, the colors are awesome ! The "Hottest" Team ?? Check out Quebec's Team Diablo: Ugo Levert and Michael Leon ! The wildest sponsor ?? Have a look at Kevin Arbery's Pic !!                      

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Michael Taylor

Bela Toth

Dino Lipani

Clint McBain

Trevor Brooking

Cory Sherman

Ugo Levert

Darryn Wilbur

Phillip Onisto

Dave Willerton

Greg Boki

Bruce McDonald

Victor Paiva

Frank Trombino

Zaid Saleemi

Gaston Labrie

Greg Boki

David Wright

Michael Taylor

Jean Francois Cyr

Jeff Chen

Jeff Williams

Jim Bonner

Joel McDonald

John Brundl

Ken Fastken

Logan Myers

Kevin Arbery

Larry Orde

Ken Fastken

Michael Leon

Michael Taylor

Darryn Wilbur

Jean Francois Cyr

Phillip Onisto

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