Shannonville, Ontario

The Canadian Racing Pix Keep Coming !! My 3 favorites out of this series are
Benoit Pilon, Francis Martin, and Michael Leon... ...they're leaned over to the max for the fans !! 

The pix of
Bruce McDonald & Patrick Blouin leaning away from the camera are pretty cool... special thanks to the corner workers for letting me take some pix from that spot !! I was literally right on top of the bikes, and as they passed by the camera, I had to pan so fast I almost got whiplash !! Of course the pic of Matthew Binns carrying the Canadian Flag after his 125 Can - Am challenge win is a classic.... and don't forget to check out Ken Fischer Gettin' Rad !!

The Wild Furry Bikes are definitely worth checking out too !! 

Look-out for the up and coming Amateurs !! Chris Tufford, Clint Hines, and Matthew McBride all look pretty tough at Shannonville !! The Best Amateur Team Effort ?? No doubt about it, it's Team Shoulder Check... Brian Robitaille, David Fong, Pat Boyd and Alan Burns.

                                                   Click on the thumbnail pix for the full size version !!

Andrew Nelson

The WildFurryTigerBike !!

Benoit Pilon

Brian Robitaille

Bruce McDonald

Nelson / OnistoMcBain

Francis Martin

Chris Tufford

Ken Fischer

Dale Leslie

Dan Durkovic

Bruce McDonald

TheWildFurryBlueBike !!

Ed Kopeschny

Chris Raponi

Gilles Biron

Gorge Marques

Andrew Stavrou

Frank Dinardo

John Dempsey

Marco Alessandrini

Mario Graham

Martin Gaudefroy

Matthew Binns

Matthew Binns

Matthew McBride

David Fong

Michael Leon

Mike Donaldson

Owen Weichel

Pat Boyd

Robert Goodwin

Sean McLennan

Shane Legros

Steven Bailey

Patrick Blouin

Gorge Marques

Clint Hines
Go Faster 
 in 2003 !!

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