Shannonville, Ontario
The fastest rider of the weekend ??  No Question:
Francis Martin !!  He consistantly "stoppied" his GSXR 1000 into the slower turns and took complete command on the straights. Matthew McBride is one of the up & coming amateurs, winning the heavily contested Amateur 600 Sportbike race. Ajax Ontario's Mike MacNeil won the 250 race ahead of Sandy Noce and Matthew Binns.

The Wildest Bikes ?? Check out
Steven Fleming's Ride !! Also, it may not look like it in the pic, but Jamie Barkley's "ZX7" is powered by a single cylinder engine... it was strange to see a green superbike make such a different sound.

One race was especially cool... I'd just met # 252 Chris Raponi in the pits, and so I had someone to cheer for in the Amateur 600 last chance qualifier. Only the top 5 qualified, so Chris got busy and picked off riders until he grabbed the 4th place spot & a place on the grid for the next day's main event ! 
Right on !!  

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Benoit Pilon

Chris Raponi

Christian Rose

Dale Leslie

Dave Young

Elie Daccache

Francis Martin

Frank Trombino

Gaston Labrie

Gilli Pires

Jamie Barkley

Jeff Williams

Ken Morrison

Gaston Labrie

 Frank Trombino

Martin Hamel

Greg Boki

Martin Hamel

Matthew McBride

Michael Leon

Kevin Lacombe

Michael Taylor

Mike MacNeil

Phillip Unhola

Owen Weichel

Owen Weichel

Pat Boyd

Rick Bulmann

Scott Spicer

Sebastien Berube

Steven Fleming

Steve Crevier

Tracy Chandler

Ugo Levert

    Martin Hamel              Frank Trombino

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