Shannonville, Ontario

There were some very cool paint schemes in Canada, especially Patrick Blouin's and Joel McDonald's. As for race action, Clint McBain was impressive, as he stayed ahead of Steve Crevier for a couple laps, then finished a very close second in the 600 race. By far the wildest move of the weekend was Frank Trombino's last turn, last lap pass on Owen 
!! I was lucky to catch the shot, since my digital camera was still very slowly recording the last shot. I was going crazy, 'cause I could see Frank's pass coming, and my camera was playing up...with no viewfinder, I aimed in their general direction and snapped the "shutter"... 
            Yesss it worked !!     What a
cool pic !!
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Frank Trombino's Daring Last Lap Pass On Owen Weichel Puts Him On The Podium !!

Clint McBain

Alan Burns

Patrick Blouin

Elie Daccache

Joel McDonald

Sean Thibeault

Joel McDonald

Lawrence Antflick

Steve Crevier

Robert Goodwin

Mike Borg

Owen Weichel

Mitch Baghdoian

Joel McDonald

Sean McLennan

Shane Legros

Scott Spicer and Darryn Wilbur

Mark Rabo

Steve Crevier

Tracy Chandler

Ugo Levert

# 1 Amateur

Sandy Noce

Patrick Blouin

Travis Hulse

Mike Borg

Victor Paiva

Ward Porritt

Richard Italia

Gettin' Ready to Rock !!

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