Shannonville, Ontario
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David Fong

Barry French / Frank Dinardo

Frank Trombino

Chad Peters

Clint Hines

Clint Hines

Corey Sherman

Darryn Wilbur

Darryn Wilbur

Barry French

David Fong

Dino Lipani

Eric Trytko

Frank Dinardo

Bratislav Veljkovic

Gaston Labrie

John Brundl

Kevin Arbery

Kevin Lacombe

Larry Orde

Larry Orde

Les Pataki

Mark Rabo

Martin Gaudefroy 

Martin Hamel

Matthew Binns

Matthew Binns

Michel Grenier

Mike MacNeil

Mark (Number 19)

Peter Vasilopoulos

Mitch Baghdoian

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