Championship Cup Series
Rockton, IL USA
April 7-8, 2001

Yamaha and Suzuki Contingency Money Draws 
National Level Talent to Blackhawk !!

Robert Jensen

Diagoro Suzuki

Larry Denning

Chris Weeden !

Dave Ebben
Ray Yoder

Super Dave Rosno

Kevin Gordon
"The Destroyer" 
Mike Heuer

Mark Junge

"The Big Worm" Hermersmann

Rod Mahr

You can't win 'em all: 

Michael O'Gara

Sara Brust Crashes...


What Do 3 Top Expert Racers Have to Say About Mototune ??

Rookie Expert
Chris Weeden:

"I can rip past two 600's at a time on the back straight... 
My Mototune R6 is Soooo Fast !"

Rookie Expert
Rod Mahr:

"My Mototune SV is faster than all the other SV's 
 ... I got 2nd place !"   

Veteran Expert
Mark Junge:

"I really like the Mototune (GSXR 750) engine! I got into the 1:13's in that race!" 

Mototune engine building is closed for business, 
but now you can learn all of my engine tricks yourself:

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Shredding Courtesy of: Chuck Stephan Jr.
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