Championship Cup Series
Rockton, IL USA
April 7-8, 2001

Dave Rosno

Dave Ebben

Mark Junge

Ray Yoder


Joe Wascow

PJ Thornton
Reese Golladay

Reese Golladay

Diagoro Suzuki Boyd Whiteoak

Mike Heuer

Rod Mahr
Bill Breitung

Reese Golladay

Larry Denning
Brian Knier

Mystery Pic
Leads Joe Wascow

Who is it ??

Steve Steinman
Mark Junge


Wouldn't it be Cool if more fans came to Blackhawk ???

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Meanwhile, back in "The Pits" ...

Minnesota Warriors

Gordon,  Heuer & Whiteoak
Mototune USA

Reese, Tez,
Weeden & 
Frank Minnis
1st Time Racer

Billy Casper
Ready For Battle

Robert Jensen
Vesrah Racing

Chris Junge

Impressive Effort:

Larry Denning

He makes winning look easy. This weekend he won a lot of races.

... plus he did all the trackside wrenching on 2 bikes all by himself !

Larry Denning 
is Sponsored By:

4&6 Cycle, Dega Racing, EBC Brakes, & Lockhart-Phillips

Impressive Product:
Pirelli Super Corsa Tires

This rear tire was run hard  by Tez. 
It doesn't look like it.

Tire Testin' Tez !
" The grip is as good as the other brands. 
They don't wear out as soon and they cost less. Pirelli's are for real. "
~ Tez

CCS Results for Blackhawk Farms April 7-8, 2001:

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