California Girl
Willow Springs

California Girl 
Willow Springs

"The Big Worm" Hermersmann's
100 MPH Stand Up Wheelie

California Girl 
Willow Springs
135 MPH Crash in Brainerd's Turn 2...

Superfly's F2
Here's Where It Landed !

Dan "Superfly" Dufour & His Twisted Steel

...Look At That 
Swingarm !

Tom's SnoCross "Digger"
Another 135 MPH Crash in Brainerd's Turn 2...

Alan "Schmidtastic" Schmidt's
Mangled ZX6R

Got some laughs and some $$$ with this sign he put next to the wreck
... And now for an
Embarrassing Racing Moment...

      >   >  >   

" Champagne Bottle "  
This one's hilarious !

Wild Photo Courtesy of 
PhotoGirl / Portland, Oregon 

California Girl 
Willow Springs

California Girl 
Willow Springs

The Big Worm's Stoppie

California Girl 
Willow Springs

~The Big Worm~

California Girl 
Willow Springs
Mystery Pic 1

Can You Guess Who This Racer Is ??
Circa 1989

Photo Courtesy of
Mystery Pic 2

The Same Racer 
2 Years later...
Who Is He??

Photo Courtesy of 

"The Big Worm"

Mototune USA is # 1 !!!


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