What's it like Crashing at a Buck - Thirty ?



What's it like crashing at 130mph? 
Well, next time you're doing 65 mph on the freeway, double that. Then crank your bike over till your pegs are scrapin' and your knee is on the floor... 

 "The Kink"
Unfortunately, my crash was in turn 10: "The Kink" is the most dangerous corner on the track. You're flyin' through there, pullin' serious G's ....with only 15 feet of run off, then a concrete wall !!

        My Custom SV 650 Chopper

I was catching the dude in 4th place... 
I was reeling him in and setting up for The Kink the same as I did the lap before, look ahead... way ahead...
keep an eye on the yellow curbing near the apex..... Hang off.... Heave on the bars ....Crank the bike over....

You don't have time to react...
Throttle pinned in 6th gear, knee slider shredding on the pavement....and suddenly the bike was completely loose and not coming back! It happened in slow motion. I felt the bike sliding. As I passed the apex, I knew I was about to pile hard. 

The only thing going through my mind was:

    "Holy Shit... I'm Crashing in
      THE KINK... "

Haybales don't hurt so bad when you blast through them at 100mph. I took a few to the head and a few to the back... I couldn't believe it when I stopped. My neck was tweaked and birds were tweeting around my head. But that's it. I stood up, looked around and gave the thumbs up !! 

The bike was buried in hay bales, luckily it didn't all start on fire.
Bent forks, broken clutch adjuster... hey this thing's FIXABLE !!

Hmmm... I wonder if I can get it ready for tomorrow ???

Over and Out !!

 - Agent 8 


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