Hi Mototune USA Fans !!

I just got back from a
Wild World of Roadracing trip to the Dominican Republic !

I'd like to thank my friend Marcos Peguero for inviting me to stay with him & his family ! 

Marcos is working with Mototune USA ... and he was an excellent tour guide, Spanish translator and host. 

Pat "MotoMan" McGivern & Marcos Peguero

The Dominican Republic is an amazing country! Look at these photos of the roadracing action, scenes from around the country, as well as information about the first Power News engine tuning seminar that Marcos and I gave in Santo Domingo !

This is a big page, so give it some time to load, & enjoy the pix !!

~ MotoMan

Welcome to the Dominican Republic !!

Aris Azcona Poster !
2001 Latin American Superbike Champion !!

Tropical Mountains

Umbrella Girls !!

Glasse Jimenez' Team

Roadracing at Las Americas Raceway !!

#43 Cuba's Nirio Rivero 
Leads #1 Aris Azcona 
on Lap 1

November 4, 2001

Racers from 13 countries came to challenge Dominican Republic's Aris Azcona for the Latin American Superbike Championship !! The local hero met the challenge by winning Sunday's superbike race by over 10 seconds. Cuba's Nirio Rivero took the 2nd spot, while Dominican Republic's Nino Alegria took 3rd on his Quaker State Oils Sponsored Suzuki GSXR 750. 

Gustavo Velazco

Santiago Villa

Antonio Piccioni

Juan Lavado

Antonio Piccioni

Nino Alegria
Dominican Republic

Aris Azcona
Dominican Republic

Aris Azcona
Dominican Republic

Wow !! I was really surprised to see
Roadracers from Cuba !! 


These 2 guys were Super Fast !! 

Nirio Rivero took 2nd & Manuel Angles got 9th in Sunday's Superbike race !! 

Nirio Rivero
2nd Place

Manuel Angles
9th Place

Old Town Santo Domingo
Rich in history from it's colonial past, Santo Domingo boasts some of the oldest buildings in the New World. Much of Christopher Columbus' Spanish heritage remains in the language, architecture and culture of Dominican Republic.

Christopher Columbus ! 
He first landed here in Dominican Republic when he discovered the Americas.

A Walk Through The Tropical Streets of Old Town Santo Domingo.

Window Flowers Cast a Late Afternoon Shadow.

Santo Domingo Old Town Square.

Gran Primero Latino Americano De Motovelocidad 2001 !!
Venezuela's Jose Berresi Wins 600 Supersport !! 

After qualifying .009 of a second off of Nino Alegria's pole setting time, Jose Berresi found some extra speed and eventually dominated Sunday's 600 supersport event ! Unfortunately, Miami Florida's John Costa ended his race early with a crash caused by an oil leak on his Ducati. There was a massive cloud of oil smoke, and then 3 turns later he went down. Costa was unhurt in the incident.

Jose Barresi

John Costa

Angel Cruz
Dominican Republic

Alejandro Tasiguano

Francisco Pellegrino

The C.A.M. Girls

Nelson Perez

Luis Noriega
Puerto Rico

Elionet Perez
Dominican Republic

Elionet Perez
Dominican Republic

Luis Noriega
Puerto Rico

Luis Noriega
Puerto Rico

Exotic Dominican Republic !!
The extreme contrasts of colonial and modern times make this country especially fascinating. For example, the view from the 16th century castle photo showing the modern roads and infrastructure of Santa Domingo. It was fun to imagine what it was like when Christopher Columbus lived here !

Santo Domingo Old Town

Christopher Columbus'

View From The 16th Century Castle

San Juan 


Seminar !!

Power News
4 Stroke Intake Porting Seminar !!

MotoMan's 8 Phase Engine Theory
Explained in Spanish & English

Mototune USA held a Bilingual Power News Seminar above the 
Moto Butler
shop in Santo Domingo. There were about 30 racers and street riders in attendance, including the Latin American Superbike Champion, Aris Azcona !

The main topic was the latest Power News Newsletter: "How a Four Stroke Actually Works... and MotoMan's 8 Phase Engine Theory", which describes the workings of a high speed motorcycle engine much better. 

Next, we had a discussion of the radical new Intake Porting techniques I use to gain 8 - 10 HP on 600's and 15 HP on 1000+ cc engines. I will be revealing the specifications of this porting technique in the upcoming issues of Power News !

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Moto Butler 
The #1 Bike Shop in Dominican Republic !

Local Teams:
Meet Franklin Dominguez & Team Moto Butler !

Franklin Dominguez
Dominican Republic

Franklin Dominguez
Dominican Republic

Team Moto Butler

Meet Glasse Jimenez & His Team !

Glasse Jimenez Poster !!

Glasse Jimenez
Dominican Republic

Glasse Jimenez' Team

More Wild Roadracing Action !!

Daniel De Armas
Puerto Rico

Omar Isaar

Roberto Concepcion
Puerto Rico

Sandy Medina
Dominican Republic

Sandy Medina
Dominican Republic

Francisco Pellegrino

Aris Azcona
Dominican Republic

Jesus Rodriguez

Q: Should You Visit the Dominican Republic ??? 
A: " Si "

Umbrella Girls

Town of La Vega

Jungle Waterfalls

MotoMan & Girls
"  I Love Dominican Republic ! "

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The radical new Intake Porting Techniques I use to gain up to 8 HP on 600's and 15 HP on 1000+ cc engines. I will be revealing the specifications of this porting technique in the upcoming issues of Power News !

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