The First Ride Of 2000 !!


Thorvald and Kai Borre head out for the first practice at the hottest track in the world!!

Click on the little pix ....they'll get big !!

 Thorvald gets ready to try out his 2000 Mototune Yamaha R6

Thorvald sticks his knee into the dirt... Tight !!

Andre leads on his 2000 Yamaha R6 through the International Horseshoe...

Oddgeir leads on his Fast Bikes Yamaha R7 Superbike!

Thorvald and Andre Stuff  past on the inside...

Shawn Conrad powers thru the west horseshoe on his Mototune Yamaha R1 Formula USA Superbike.

Ready...Set...GO!!  Check out this animation of Oddgeir doing a holeshot on his Fast Bikes Yamaha R7 Superbike