The R6 Resurection!!

Amazingly, the team pulled together and was able to get Thorvald Saeby back on track the next day for the Formula USA 600 Supersport race. 

A special thanks goes out to all those who helped Thorvald and his crew get the severely mangled R6 back in usable condition.  An superb job ...


Click on the little pictures and watch them grow!!

You get to know the Sharkskinz bodywork guys real well after a 150 mph crash!

MotoGreg gets into the mix helping in the pit.

Thorvald and Oyvind discuss their theories of how all that water gets in such a neat little bottle. 

Gorm reminds Thorvald "This is the throttle...  turn it towards you to feel the Mototune power. "

Jorgen, exhausted after fever wrenching, tells Thorvald: 

"  It better not happen again or it's no TV for you!"

"Ohhh... do I look sexy on this stunning R6?  Mmm... fabulous..."

Thorvald psyches out the competition ...