Flying R6's ...


During F-USA 106 hp qualifying, Thorvald was riding the wheels off the Mototune R6. There was a tremendous tailwind on the back straight that added at least 15 mph to his top speed, making it extremely difficult to judge the braking distance. Suddenly...things got a little crazy...  

Thorvald led the entire pack of riders around the west banking as he went for a repeat of the pole position he earned last year. While braking ULTRA HARD for Daytona's famous chicane, his front tire locked at 150 mph.  In an instant the front tire tucked under and he crashed, pinning him under the bike as it continued to fly down the abrasive track at MACH SPEED.

As the leather of his gloves wore through,  his left palm became his brake pad....OUCH !!  Finally he was able to kick the bike away just as they hit the grass run-off area. Still travelling at triple digit speeds, the R6 hit the grass, dug in and LAUNCHED itself up over 15 feet in the air, flipping and smashing the bike to bits.  

"I've never seen a bike FLIP so F#$%@n' A  Bubba high up in the air as that one did "  said Thorvald. 

Amazingly enough, the only injury he sustained was the burnt and hamburgered left hand, which is still pretty serious. Tough as nails Thorvald promised he'd be back for the next day's race...if we could get the bike ready.

The bike looked totalled!!  The gas tank was smashed, the subframe broke, the pipe looked like a crushed beer can, broken footpegs, handlebars....

the whole thing looked kinda cadywompus...



In an excellent display of sportsmanship one of Thorvald's on track competitors, Ritchie Alexander helped us out with some much needed replacement parts for the bike !! Thanks Ritchie !!

It took the entire Norwegian and American  Mototuneusa.com crew and friends many hours to repair the damages on the bike. Stay tuned for more on this story !!