- 2.29.00 -

Trails & Tribulations
Between the Wisconsin Crew and the Norwegians, with a combined travel distance of over 6,000 miles, many "interesting" things can happen.

Some people base their theories on Murphy's Law, but as Thorvald's Law says..

"It's not 'Can you do it'...

 it's 'Do you Want to do it !! "

  • The Missing R6 Engine

Have you ever tried to ship an R6 engine on a commercial jet plane??  Well, it ain't easy that's for sure.  Some discoveries were made.... no matter what you do to be sure everything works out smoothly, Thorvald's Law will come into play at some time.

MotoGreg was determined to overcome Thorvald's Law.  His task: To get a crated R6 engine down to Daytona for installation in a Norwegian R6 in time to race.  He checked once, twice, verified with the shippers that the engine would indeed get the races ...  But the evil powers of Thorvald's  Law overcame the counter measures MotoGreg instilled.

While waiting on the plane,  MotoGreg was called up front to speak with the airline crew. There was a problem. The airline suddenly decided they didn't want this hunk of metal in the cargo bay.  Another victim of Thorvald's law.  It's not that they couldn't send it, they just didn't want to.  What to do...


Getting from Orlando to Daytona ..                            

Mototuneusa.com arrived in Orlando... and waited for our connection to Daytona Beach.  Unfortunately it never came.  Meanwhile MotoGreg tries to figure out the situation with the missing R6 engine.  It's being shipped FedEx, to arrive at 9:30 on Wednesday in Daytona.  Whew! 

Norwegian Crew 2 YZF R6's; 1 YZF R7; and 1 CBR F4  -- 5,000 miles across the Atlantic.  What could possibly go wrong?
  • Shipping Company denies they have the bikes.  You would too if you had these four amazzzzzing machines in your posession!
  • After help from our new found friend, Orlando customs broker Pat Montoya , the bikes are located... ONE OF THE BIKES IS DAMAGED !
  • A fork lift punctured into the side of the crate, smashing the Oddgeir's R7's brake rotor and wheel !