Uncrate the Bikes !  

         Buy tools from SEARS !  

             Go to Orlando to get the R6 engine ! 

                 Go to Sharkskins for Bodywork ! 

                                      Install 2 engines ! 

                            Build 4 Bikes !

All in 10 hours.



It's a bright new day in sunny Daytona.  Time to bust out the bikes and get

 Wrenchin' !!!

With a hand-full of tools, and limited time, the crew knew they had to get dirty  FAST!!


Oyvind grabs his head in disbelief

Day turns to night...

Moto Greg joins the wrenchin'  after finally rescuing  Thorvald's Mototune R6 motor from the  Orlando airport !  






                                Erland Bohler finishes prepping Kai's Honda F4

Warp Drive Fuel Injected Fever Wrenchin'!  

Watch Oddgeir install his Yamaha R7 Superbike injectors !



Oyvind is impressed as he relaxes with a Smooth Marlboro....

The R7 Superbike is almost ready. 

  Yessss !!