's kinda like Viagra for your woodies
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Best Lap Time Before  Mototune...1:21.00.   Best Lap Time After  Mototune...1:19.61. 

Agent 8...Mototune's latest Flyin' Billboard
Jeff Wick (32) and James Monson (708) entering Blackhawk's infamous turn 2.


In our last Blackhawk Episode, The Aliens Predicted ...'s waaay out there!  Roadracing...out of this World!
"Jeff... your ' woodies ' will get bigger as soon as you get your SV650 motor built at Mototune."

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The Results !!

The Aim Racing Products lap timer tells the story.


What the heck is Mototune ??
By Jeff Wick 

Even before I started roadracing, I'd heard the name "Mototune" around the Wisconsin motorcycle riding circles. Once I got to the track, the name Mototune sometimes echoed through the paddock...  but it was still a mystery.  What the heck is Mototune ???  

Finally, after meeting the Moto Man (Pat McGivern) through common roadracing buddies, we discussed his engine building... the "Mototune Massage".  It was impressive to talk to the guy, but any Jack can talk Smack.

For 2000  I turned expert and bought a  Suzuki SV650 to take to the track. I ran with suspension components from Traxxion Dynamics and a completely stock motor for the first few races and had some respectable finishes. I could smell the leaders exhaust, but I shouldn't be smelling any exhaust. I want to be first.

I kept an eye on Mototune and even a closer eye on the customers. Rob Carpenter, Thorvald Saeby, Dave Cook, Scott Gooch, Alan Schmidt...  all guys I never heard of before seeing Why do all these guys ship their motors 1/2 way around the world, over borders and across the U.S. to Oconomowoc, Wisconsin ?? I noticed one thing in particular. They're winning expert races all over the place. I didn't need any further proof. It hit me like a brick..... I was ready to take my racing to the next level.

I dropped my motor off at Mototune and Pat did a supersport valve job, and installed the Mototune jet kit. Next race... an amazing 2 seconds taken off my lap times... that was Stage 1. The power is so linear it allowed me to put the bike wherever I wanted and twist the throttle without any surprises. I found myself making up time on everyone, especially in lapped traffic when strange lines and bad drives are unavoidable. While other bikes didn't seem to be pulling seamlessly throughout the power-band, all I had to do was twist the throttle and the bike just hooked up and booked. My confidence is soaring....!

I've finally got the crosshairs on the leaders....  I'm going to come home with some even bigger woodies soon! 
Stage 2 is next....

- Jeff "Agent8 " Wick     

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